How To Create An Article

How to create a new article

Want to create a new article, but not sure how to get started? Then you are at the right place!

Step 1

From the dashboard, click on “Article.” Then click on “Create.”

Step 2

Enter the following:

  • Title – Enter the title of your article.
  • Focus Keyword – Enter the keywords you would like included in the article.
  • Tone of Voice – Choose from the dropdown.
  • Article Subheading – You can have the article created with none (leave this area blank), you can designate the subheadings you want to be included in the article (click the plus sign to add them, or you can have the system create them for you by clicking on “write subheadings for me.”
  • Call to Action – choose from the list, or leave blank if you do not need one added.

Then click “Generate.”

How can I stay updated on MeetYODA releases?

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