Being a great marketer requires the ability to build long-term relationships with customers while simultaneously providing them with the support and services they need to thrive. In fact, without the tools and resources required to maintain and track monthly productivity goals, many modern marketing professionals are struggling to improve their income or expand their business. Even worse, they may constantly be hustling to bridge the gaps that are being created. But what if there was a better way?

Digital Marketing CRM

Take a moment to imagine a small, locally-owned hardware store in a small town. From the moment you walk in, the shop owner knows your name and exactly what you need for the project you have been working on. They can direct you right to the products you need with a level of attention that is often missing in modern businesses. The good news is, with the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, marketing efforts can be optimized to suit the needs of each client you have – just like this scenario!

Introducing the YODA CRM

The First CRM for Marketers by Marketers


The YODA CRM was created by a marketing team to meet the unique needs of marketers that want to adopt a retainer-based marketing approach. Through these retainers, freelance marketers or marketing teams can allow clients to pre-pay for a set number of hours that can be used on strategies that make the most sense for their overall goals. As an example, a simple five-hour retainer might cover social media management each month. However, additional services may require extra retainer hours to be feasible.

While this approach may seem a little daunting, anyone can track progress and ensure they aren’t overdelivering to their clients and losing money with the right tools and systems in place. Our team only requires a month-to-month commitment to primarily set expectations and allow for additional time to be added during peak seasons. Although, this retainer-based CRM system for marketing can be tailored to meet any commitment requirements a freelancer or agency might have.

What Is Included in the YODA CRM Core Functionality?

Most CRMs will provide a plethora of valuable data to a marketing team, including each customer interaction the business has had, detailed reporting of completed work, lead inquiries, and much more. But what does a modern CRM really provide a marketing professional outside of these features? An effective CRM for marketing should simplify task management and be scalable to meet the unique needs of a business.

To help accommodate these goals, the YODA CRM has diverse functions that are standard in the base system, including:

  • Basic Company and Customer Management
  • Built-In Authentication Systems
  • Administrative Reports
  • User Management Systems
  • System Notifications
  • User Permissions Systems
  • User Suggestion Submissions
  • Automatic System Updates
  • Object Creation and Widgets
  • Auto API Inputs and Page Routing
  • Email Templates
  • Automated Workflows
  • Form Builder
  • File Manager System
  • API System
  • Error Logging
  • Hook System
  • Insourced Marketing Support
  • Unmatched Scalability

While these are the features of the base system, that doesn’t mean you have to be limited. In fact, Your Online Digital Assistant has an entirely modular marketing CRM that can quickly be modified to add or remove functionality as needed. For instance, if your business wants a way to track internal timesheets, a module can be incorporated to meet that need. Need pre-made proposals to send to clients? There’s support for that too. When you partner with YODA for your marketing CRM, the possibilities are endless!

What Is Insourced Marketing?

One unique feature included in the YODA CRM is the ability to insource marketing tasks to scale your bandwidth quickly. Imagine you can sign countless new clients but can’t provide the services they need on your own. In that case, crowdsourced marketing through Your Online Digital Assistant would allow you to still sign them up for those services, then offload the work to another professional marketing team for completion.

This approach also makes it easy to sell services that you may not have the knowledge or skills to complete, effectively expanding your marketing capabilities overnight without hiring a new team member to fulfill them. Do you need an SEO expert to help with keyword research, or have a client who needs expert custom software development services? With YODA CRM, you have access to insource your marketing tasks for over 100 different marketing services.

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