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Analytics is an integral part of digital marketing because it provides insight into how effective a company's digital marketing efforts are. With analytics, companies can track how well their campaigns are performing, which helps them adjust their strategies for maximum efficiency. Analytics can also help identify what type of content is most likely to engage customers and increase conversions. Companies can use analytics to determine which channels are most effective for their campaigns and allocate resources accordingly.

Unfortunately, adding Google Analytics to a website can be difficult, especially for those without a technical background. Setting up the necessary tracking code can be time-consuming and requires knowledge of HTML and the Google Analytics platform. Those tracking codes must also be placed in the right place on the website; otherwise, they will not track the data accurately. To help simplify the process, we released YODA Tools as a free plugin for WordPress users.


Introducing YODA Tools

A WordPress Plugin Designed to Make Your Life Easier


After spending years working with small business owners to ensure their Google Analytics tracking was set up correctly to provide them with detailed analytics, we quickly realized just how advanced the process was for those who aren't tech-savvy. Since we were actively using WordPress, and so were many of our clients, it made sense to develop a plugin specifically for this platform to combat the problem. The YODA Tools plugin quickly eliminated many of the hurdles that users were experiencing when kickstarting their analytics tracking.

But if you know the developers at Your Online Digital Assistant, you know that this base-level functionality wasn't enough. In addition to automatic code injection for Google Analytics tracking, we added several unique features that can help ease the technical burden business owners, or their web admins face, including the ability to add custom CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code snippets without the need for FTP access. Now that is impressive!

What is Included with the YODA Tools WordPress Plugin?

Let's face it; anyone can create a WordPress plugin with a bit of coding knowledge. But what matters is how much functionality is packed into it. At Your Online Digital Assistant, we are constantly improving YODA Tools to ensure it meets every WordPress user's need – no matter how insignificant it may seem. Please let us know if you have an idea to improve the plugin that you don't see represented below!

The YODA Tools WordPress Plugin can perform a diverse range of functions, including:

Script Tools

  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom PHP Code Snippets
  • Custom Meta

Server Tools

  • Website Server Settings Details
  • WordPress Database Details
  • WordPress Cron Schedules Report


  • Outbound Email Logs
  • Website Email Configurations

SEO Tools

  • Tracking and Advanced Analytics Options
  • Robots.txt Editor
  • Social YODA Integration

WordPress Tools

  • Form Spam Guard
  • Managed Admin Notices
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YODA Tools for WordPress!
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A WordPress Plugin That Finally Does EVERYTHING!

As you can see, YODA Tools packs a pretty serious punch when managing the back end of your WordPress website or adding analytics tags to your website. Our team is always thinking about new functionality to add to improve the plugin, so don't be surprised if you see new features being added next time you stop by.